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          Congrats to Corey Taylor – hands-on in newspaper production!

          Thursday, 28 May 2020

          Corey is a student in the Certificate III in Print Communications at Wodonga TAFE and has already been hands-on in a successful media production role. Corey recently completed her first newspaper collation and role as artistic director with the launch of the new ‘Deep Dive’ youth newspaper in Wodonga last week.

          Corey said she took on the opportunity through her involvement with Junction Support Services, and the local project enabled her to apply her artistic talent and she also designed the cover of Deep Dive. She contributed the story of her own mental health journey to the publication, and also encouraged other young people to share their stories and experiences.

          Corey said she has always been interested in art and drawing, and she was enjoying the opportunity to explore and create art in a digital format. “I was able to apply some of the learning from my course, such as colour theory, to my work in Deep Dive”, said Corey. “The newspaper was all made in Wodonga and I could see the full production cycle, even as it went through the printing presses with the local printer.”

          The first edition of Deep Dive focuses on mental health as a ‘newspaper for young people by young people, sharing stories of mental health’. Deep Dive is the culmination of a project partnership supported by Junction Support Services, Ovens Murray Regional Partnership, Wodonga Council, and the Department of Health and Human Services.

          The project printed 1000 copies of Deep Dive – pick up your copy from the Junction Support Services office at 9/155 Melbourne Road Wodonga.  

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          Find out more about Graphic Design courses at Wodonga TAFE via our website at www.harryswines.com/Courses/Art-Creative-Design-Digital-Media/Graphic-Design-Visual-Arts 

          Midyear applications are now open for Certificate II in Printing and Graphic Arts (General)

          Corey Taylor student in Print Communications certificate at Wodonga TAFE




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